Please stop bitching about foreign mistreatment

Hey, d’you know white people are racist on occasion?

Yes, apparently the Muslim apologists are dedicated to crying racism from the rooftops about any and all interactions that the people and government of various Western countries have with them. One recent issue is all the burqa hub-ub.

Old English guys being racist. Ooh, big news. The crazy thing was, that these were people remarking on an item of clothing. The government could have been saying that bright colored shirts were unacceptable, and laws would have to be passed because the shirts promoted traffic problems. The idea the Muslims fail to understand is that no one owes them any religious courtesy. Not. One. Shred. They’re more than allowed to practice this religion, but respecting it is not conditional on anything. They exalt it, but why do they feel we should treat it with equal respect? And this can’t be called racism, because Islam is not an ethnicity. Someone genetically different being discriminated against would be completely unacceptable. But someone who clearly adheres to unnecessary and barbaric tradition? That person should be questioned immediately, because it’s a totally arbitrary issue.

Historically, Muslims have never been down with secularism in Europe. For example, they raised a considerable fuss over the ‘hijab’ law in France

This one

They got mad even though the law did not make mention (explicit or implicit) of any particular religious symbol. Of course, the great persecuted Muslim masses used their hyper-superior intellect to determine that this was a racist attack on them. And as usual, they bitched and moaned ad infinitum(not sure if that’s actual latin)

This has been going on for quite a while. And it belies a sort of racist pattern. Mind you, I don’t mean racist in the sense that slurs were exchanged, I mean it in the sense that there is much concern for fellow Muslims who were being ‘mistreated’, but nothing else. So first of all, no anger about a real issue. Nothing related to civil rights or freedom of speech. Not even anyone telling school kids to stop being religious. They’re mad because someone dared to trample on the supreme way of Allah. How dare these people question their traditions and cultures? This would not stand.

But religion really does need to stay at home. Because:

1)      Religious ‘freedom’ really just means the ability to practice your own form of law within a state. In the case of the veil, this is clear contradiction with the practice of not covering your adolescent female children in sheets. It’s not personal expression, because the child is under 18. After that age, if she HONESTLY wants to be a Muslim (she can read up a bit and that’ll change quick), she can go ahead and wear one. Otherwise, her family needs to be kept on a tight leash. They have to avoid indoctrinating her and forcing tradition upon her

2)      Religious symbols cause friction. Not sure if you’ve heard, but the general consensus on the Big Three is that they don’t like each other that much. You’ll find that little Christian children learning that Jews killed Jesus or little Jewish Children hearing about Muslims attacking Israelis (and of course, vice versa) cause a bit of tension. There’s no need to wear your faith so openly, it will cause you to collide with others.

3)      Muslims shouldn’t lecture anyone on tolerance. Unless you’re a straight man in the Muslim world, your opportunities for civil rights are pretty shit. Women and Homosexuals are typically treated with extreme disdain in Shari’ah law. Adultery is acknowledged to be a sin, Homosexuality is punishable (in no pleasant manner, mind you) and of course women are second-rate citizens. Muslims lecturing people on tolerance is a lot like Nazis lecturing people on anti-Semitism. Oh no, Muslims. Didn’t know the fascist comparison worked both ways, did ya!

Overall, I understand that this is a tricky area, but the nature of the veil leaves some skepticism on the matter. Personally, most girls I know who come from conservative families have never been ecstatic about the concept. The grey area lies in defining when it really is personal expression and when it becomes a form of slavery.

But the truth is, if I proposed a law to Muslims tomorrow saying that women should be allowed to walk about ass-naked, there would be a great fuss. Huge understatement, but still. Think about it. It’s easy to lie about wanting tolerance and equal rights, but what they really mean is that it is significantly insulting to call a person’s religious attire atrocious. The double standard is, of course, immense.

Trying to find meaning

So I’ve recently taken part in this Christian deal called the Alpha course. I say deal because I’m not really sure what it is. Let me struggle with the words and you can watch how I think. It’s not a course because it’s not really a class of any sort. It’s sort of a weekly meeting where a group of people (predominantly Christian) get together and they watch footage of talks or see live talks that deal with various aspects of Christianity. It’s 15 parts(yes, that means 15 weeks, how ever will I survive) and of course every part is about Jesus and Christianity in some way). The reason i struggle to find a term for it is because it has numerous aspects. There’s a meal, a video and a discussion. As the painfully pleasant (believe me, you’d check your wallet, this guy’s so fucking sweet) host puts it, it’s a chance for people to talk and eat. I think of it as sort of a missionary effort/reaffirmation of faith/relating Christianity to the modern world. The last part is a bit tricky considering Christianity is about as modern as bikes with a giant front wheel – which are admittedly pretty awesome

It may not be modern, but it definitely should be

So today’s (given the time of my posting it’s actually last night) topic was about the death of Jesus(Why Christianity? was the first week, I’m fairly sure). Pretty grim shit, but apparently the big message is that we’re supposed to love God because he sent his only kid to die on a crucifix. As my future wife Julia Sweeney (okay, should probably retract the fanboy adulation) puts it, Jesus didn’t die for our sins, Jesus had a bad weekend for our sins. Strictly speaking, the fella pissed off the ruling order of Jews and Romans in a time where the Jews believed that sacrifice was a suitable atonement, God turned two cities into flaming shitholes over some butt-banging, and of course that pretty much every sin warranted a large volley of rocks launched at someone’s head. Let’s just say people got stoned a little too often.

Oh, ha ha

Well in any event, what did Jesus think was going to happen when he preached love and peace to these people? Oh and strictly speaking he didn’t really have that much of a message of love and peace, he just sort of figured he’d be better off in charge. I mean, as someone who lives in a region where dictators are bigger than tentacle rape in Japan, I’m fairly certain that whoever’s running the show generally doesn’t like to see another ringleader. What did Jesus think was going to happen?

Oh and as for ‘my sins’, pretty rich paying off a debt that I never fucking owed, Christy boy. What in the fuck was I guilty of? Am I always supposed to go around, crying over some shit I’ve never done. For fuck’s sake, I saw the guy who authored the torture memos on Jon Stewart the other day. He didn’t give a flying fuck what he had done and he had done quite a bit. Seems awful fucking stupid of me to get up in arms over some great big atrocity I seem to have committed without my knowledge when  the great massacre artists of the world wear suits and meet to ask each other politely if it’s possible to tone down the slaughter(looking at you now, UN)

Ever notice it looks like they have the world in cross-hairs?

So effectively, the whole Christ thing is a pile of shit. Moreover, why in the fuck is it (his death on the Cross) indicative of a greater love. I haven’t fucking seen dime one off that asshole yet. I have not gotten a single shred off God or his other two personalities, so I really have to ask myself why he felt dying on a wooden plank was such a great gift.

Look, I love these Christian folks because they are sweeter than honey fucking pie. For fuck’s sake, I’d trade a cuntload of my atheist friends for one Christian to brighten up my day. They are jolly fucking people. But the sad part is, they’ve nothing to be jolly about. They really discuss these topics a lot, but it seems like there’s too much open-ended literary masturbation. I’m actually happy that they are Christians though. They’re easier to be around than the Muslim apologists. Those guys have even more fucking rules!

Hopefully though, I’ll meet some interesting people and relieve a bit of stress. They are such sweet people. And i don’t mean it in a condescending way. They’re not bible-thumpers or anything, they argue articulately and they listen passionately. It’s just that on the whole religion deal, I’m not budging.